sometimes fandumb blogs are the fandumb

rest in peace

i can honestly i'm surprised we've ended up on here! we haven't been posting that much stuff that actually has to do with what the blog is there for! i guess we'll need to start doing a better job~. i am a bit confused... why are people getting butt hurt over this blog making fun of people while our types of blogs do the same thing? sorry if that was worded weird, by the way. :Y

they get butthurt because they take everything too personally

why are fandumb blogs so specific

next thing you know people are gonna make fandumb blogs targeting individuals

did you know other shitty fandumb blogs are going on anon and sending hate and rape and death threats to "homestuckfandumb" (the blog) just because they said they thought the excessive fandumb blogs were stupid and overdone

they can’t handle the truth

surprise return of me, admin grover cleveland. i was an admin for this blog dor like a day before i got bored. stay in school.
didn't one of the admins of fnohomestuck use to be one of the admins of this blog?

grover cleveland.

Fnohomestuck got called out by someone and now instead of a proper argument they're accusing this guy of being a rapist.

i think you should look on both sides of the argument, anon

there is evidence of the guy doing something horrible if i recall properly, prove me wrong if not but don’t fucking get us involved.


no more questions going like “what do you think of (insert blog here)”

most of them are anon so i’m just gonna suspect that its the admin or something wanting an opinion on their blog its pretty obvious

if you want an opinion do it not-anon so that we can answer privately or whatever


what did you think of quizillahomestucks before they changed their blog

we don’t look at every single fandumb blog, and we don’t kjnow because their blog changed i guess.